08 February 2011

Black Sand

I recently embarked on a trip to the north island of New Zealand. The weather was fantastic, between 20 and 25 degrees, and there were blues skies the whole time! My favourite place was Kai iwi beach where I got to bask in the sun on the black sand. From what I understand, the black sand is a result of the surrounding volcanic activity in New Zealand. The water was also warm with a small swell ideal for swimming or surfing. A7C5NWJHMMVD

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03 February 2011

Winter Gardens & Virginia Lake

I love when you stumble upon something unexpected and amazing. This is what happened to me when I went to Virginia Lake, New Zealand, I found the Winter Gardens! Full of colour, light, flowers and beauty, the Winter Gardens is a tranquil place to visit. Situated by Virginia Lake the combination of the two would be perfect for anyone who appreciates nature, gardens and flowers.

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02 February 2011

My Five Finnish Favourites

1. Midnight Sun
As the arctic circle crosses through Finland this means the sun doesn’t set throughout summer. This was the first time I got to experience midnight sun. I loved it!

2. Moomins
Moomins are the most adorable little characters from the picture books by Tove Jansson. The Moomins have become so popular that you can visit them at the Moomin World theme park.

3. Marimekko
A Finnish design label. I went to Marimekko in Helsinki, Turku and the airport. The designs are colourful, artistic and original. I can’t wait to visit a Marimekko store again!

4. Naantali
Cobblestones, fresh flowers, the ocean, history and charm. It’s no wonder the Finnish president has a residence here. This town is picturesque.
5. Ruisrock
Three days of great bands, partying and Ruisrock madness! I learnt here the Finns certainly know how to party!

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